Understanding Domain Name Expiry and Display of a Parking Page

Whenever a particular domain name is not Renewed till the Expiry Date, it would slip into the Renewal Grace Period. All such domain names would be put on a temporary commercial Parking Page, which would indicate that the domain name has expired. During this period, any website and mails associated with the domain name would stop working.

Renewal Grace Period of Domains

TLD (Domain Name Extension) Renewal Grace Period (Days)
.COM 36
.NET 36
CentralNic Domains See details
Donuts Domains See details 40

Caveats and Domain Name Extension Specific Conditions 

  • The above Renewal Grace Periods are applicable if your domain name is expiring today.

  • If your domain name has already expired, these values may have changed since. Contact our Support Team at [email protected] to confirm the Renewal Grace Period for your domain name.

When a domain name expires, the Registry auto-renews (Anchor: autorenew) it for a period of 1 year and locks our funds for the same. However, the Auto-Renewal action is not immediate, but is queued up for execution. This often takes upto 48 hours to complete.



With the exception of the following, all domain names are Auto-Renewed by their respective Registry upon Expiry:

In case of an Auto-Renewed domain name, the Registry Whois displays the Expiry Date one year ahead of the actual date on which the domain name has already expired.

Now, if you were to add another Renewal action, the domain name would get Renewed for an additional year, even though you do not wish it to get Renewed for any more years than you requested.

  • To avoid this situation, the system's Parking action is on purpose left incomplete. The domain name would bear the following status at this stage:

    Action Requested: Parking of <domain name>

    Status of the action: Awaiting update at Registry

  • Please note that Registry Auto-Renewal is different than any other Auto-Renewal feature your Registration Service provider may provide as an addon service for a domain name.

Once the execution is completed at the Registry, the system will complete the Parking action and renew the domain name.

After you have Renewed the domain name, it would take around 24-48 hours for DNS Propagation to complete Worldwide and the actual website to start resolving properly and mails to be received on the domain name.

DNS Propagation 


During this DNS Propagation period, your website may intermittently revert to the Parking Page and then change again to your actual website, depending on how ISP caches are refreshed. However, if you have already Renewed your domain name, do not renew your domain name again. The Parking Page will automatically get removed as soon as the DNS propagation completes.

Once a domain name has expired, it will go to into Renewal Grace Period, where you can renew this domain name at normal costs. If you do not renew the domain name within the Renewal Grace Period, then it would be queued for deletion at the end of the Renewal Grace Period and subsequently Deleted. The domain name will then go into Redemption Grace Period (provided there is no backorder for this domain name). In this status you would get another chance to redeem it. See details