Legal Agreements

The OrderBox interface allows you set your own Legal Agreements for your Sub-Resellers and Customers. While DotServe Inc provides you with sample Legal Agreements, we suggest that you maintain the same information with minor modifications.

It is compulsory for your Sub-Resellers and Customers to agree to the Terms and Conditions laid down in these agreements while purchasing Services.

You can View and Modify these Agreements by following this process:

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to Settings and click Legal Agreements.

  3. You will be presented with both the Sub-Reseller as well as the Customer Agreements.

  4. Click any Agreement that you want to view/modify.

  5. The Text Box will display the Default Agreement. Copy the content of the Agreement, select the Use my own Agreement as pasted below option from the Select your Agreement Preference drop-down menu, paste the modified content and click Save Changes to update the Agreement.


The SuperSite and PartnerSite allow you to display Legal Agreements to your Customers and Sub-Resellers respectively. This data is downloaded to your SuperSite and PartnerSite from your Control Panel and cached (stored) on the SuperSite and PartnerSite Server respectively. The cache of your SuperSite and PartnerSite will be reloaded automatically, once you have completed the above process. This way, the updated details will be downloaded to your SuperSite and PartnerSite from your Control Panel.

Additional Information