Renew, Suspend or Delete your G Suite order

In order to renew, suspend or delete your order you will need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Control Panel, Search for your G Suite order and go to the Order Information view. See details 

Step 2: Renew, Suspend or Delete your order. 

i. Renew

Click on the Renew button.



Click on the More link if you need to add email accounts, select the duration, and then click on Renew Order.



You will get 55 days of renewal grace period for G Suite orders.


ii. Suspend

Click on the Suspend button.


Select the Suspend radio button, enter a reason and click on Update. 



We recommend that you do not keep the order in Suspended state for more than 60 days.


iii. Delete 

Click on the Delete button. 


Click on Proceed to permanently delete your order.